Art in Store: Antoine Rose

With his Up in the Air series of seaside panoramas, Belgian photographer Antoine Rose likes to push the boundaries of photography. His images of the Hamptons and other famous beaches "evoke the famous 'Bathers' series of the French post impressionist painter Cézanne." See a special exhibition of his Up in the Air Miami series in select stores.

The beach as muse
There is a great contrast: The calm or whirling ocean, in a blue-green color against the register of the beach, where tanned people and artifacts - parasols, beach sheets and towels, or sunbeds - add a variety of natural and respectively industrial colors.

Stepping out
I started by shooting inside, but the view is better and the air is fresher outside on the helicopter skids. It's a bit acrobatic and can be dangerous, so I do not advise anyone try it.

Risking it all for art
Once, while shooting in Switzerland, a line attaching my harness to the helicopter went loose and I nearly fell between the skids and the helicopter frame. I managed to recover proper balance thanks to my safety lines.

The view from above
It's interesting, from a sociological point of view, to analyze the interaction between people from a bird's eye view. You realize how tiny we are. On the beach everyone is equal, just wearing a swimsuit. The social code of our society suddenly disappears.

It takes two
I'm working on the series with my wife Stéphanie, who finds most of the locations, and selects and prepares the images. She's the brain behind the series - I'm just pushing the shutter of the camera.

Perfect beach day
My favorite beach day is when I'm with my family, kitesurfing or windsurfing with the sun, a strong wind and a nice swell.

Antoine Rose