APRIL 1, 2023

New cause donation items now in

This Earth Month we are celebrating our continued commitment to the Water Is Everything Initiative and collaboration with The 5 Gyres Institute, our partners in the fight against plastic pollution. It’s been 6 amazing years since we launched and some of our most recent accomplishments are:
  • / Our bestselling MaxSwim and Summerful swim collections are made from sustainable fabrics
  • / We’ve diverted more than 130,000 polybags by converting both brands to glassine protective wrap 
  • / We’ve put sustainable boxes and packing materials into operation for eCommerce shipments 
  • / We’ve changed our gift cards from plastic to sustainably-harvested paper made from 100% post-consumer waste
  • / We reformulated our cleaner and protector products into sustainable pods
  • / We have increased our investment in sustainable styles

In April our windows and store displays are promoting sustainability including three styles that donate 25% to 5 Gyres.

Join us in the fight against plastic pollution.

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