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New Sustainable Packaging

New Sustainable Packaging »

Everything But Water has rolled out a sustainable packaging initiative comprised of two components: a complete re-design of eCommerce boxes and packing materials and a pilot of the use of glassine in place of polybags... Read more

We've Joined prAna's Responsible Packaging Movement

We've Joined prAna's Responsible Packaging Movement »

We've joined prAna's responsible packaging moment to work with colleagues and leaders toward furthering our sustainability objectives... Read more

New Cause Donation Items Now In

New Cause Donation Items Now In »

Want to support an amazing cause and kick the disposable zip top bag habit?... Read more

Introducing MaxSwim: Our first sustainable collection

Introducing MaxSwim: Our first sustainable collection »

We are proud to launch MaxSwim, a chic bikini collection in 25 bra sizes from 30C – 38G, and our first-ever sustainable swim collection... Read more

#TBT to International Coastal Cleanup Day

#TBT to International Coastal Cleanup Day »

#TBT Our store teams and corporate HQ took to the beaches and other areas in need of help for a roll-up-your-sleeves event... Read more

5 easy ways to live sustainably in your everyday life

5 easy ways to live sustainably in your everyday life »

How can you make a difference? Here are five easy ways to live sustainably... Read more

#Trashtag for the win

#Trashtag for the win »

We’re doing our part to help prevent this toxic trash from entering our seas by picking it up. Casual cleanups, done in a group or solo, are gaining steam on social media with the hashtag #trashtag, and we want to encourage even more... Read more

Why Straws Suck

Why Straws Suck »

With shocking videos of affected marine life and wide media coverage, single-use straws have become a topic everyone’s talking about... Read more

Take Back the Beach

Take Back the Beach »

Eight million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year - make a difference in your local community on Coastal Cleanup Day, September 15... Read more

3 Ways You Can Use Less Plastic

3 Ways You Can Use Less Plastic »

There is no perfect alternative to single-use plastic. Instead, the best way to fight this crisis is to curb personal use and change our own habits and mindsets. We asked three of our district managers about some of the ways they are making a difference... Read more

The Dirty Truth About Compostable Plastics

The Dirty Truth About Compostable Plastics »

Have you seen plastic cups marked as eco-, bio- or plant-based and 100% biodegradable? This variety of plastic is made from PLA and has become increasingly popular in response to heightened awareness of pollution from single-use plastics.... Read more

Quantifying Plastic Pollution Firsthand in NYC

Quantifying Plastic Pollution Firsthand in NYC »

What lies below the surface of our oceans and rivers isn’t always what you’d hope for. Through our Water is Everything initiative, a group of committed Everything But Water employees and others participated in a trawl around New York City’s East River that revealed an alarming amount of plastic pollution... Read more

Earth Day

What Everything But Water is Doing to Take Action »

Because Earth Day should be every day, we launched Water is Everything, a long-term commitment to ocean conservation... Read more

Amahlia Stevens

Rethink Plastic: Sustainable Swimwear from Vitamin A »

Vitamin A founder Amahlia Stevens was the first designer to use sustainable fabric for swimwear and has created an exclusive six-piece capsule collection for the Water is Everything initiative with a special fabric made from recycled plastic bottles... Read more

Cindy Pease Roe

Marine Debris Has a Second Life in Cindy Pease Roe's Sculptures »

For over a decade, artist Cindy Pease Roe has been sculpting with marine debris in order to educate and impact those who come into contact with her creations... Read more

Twine and Twig

Twine & Twig Celebrates the Beauty of Natural Elements »

North Carolina-based Twine & Twig created an exclusive 11-piece collection for Water is Everything that uses recycled glass beads inspired by the ocean... Read more

Easy Ways You Can Fight Plastic Pollution

Easy Ways You Can Fight Plastic Pollution »

Plastic has greatly aided society. Inexpensive, durable and lightweight, it’s been a game-changer for things like medical devices and housing materials and has made our everyday lives quicker, easier and more on-the-go friendly. Yet there’s a dark side... Read more

Introducing Water Is Everything

Introducing Water Is Everything »

From coral whitening to plastic pollution, our oceans are under serious threat. Listen to Sabra Krock, Everything But Water Co-Owner and Creative Director, discuss the crises facing our seas and the launch of Water is Everything... Read more

5 Gyres

Meet The 5 Gyres Institute »

Everything But Water is excited to work with The 5 Gyres Institute, an organization committed to ending the global health crisis of plastic pollution in our seas... Read more

Hotel One

Party for a Cause »

Everything But Water and 1 Hotel South Beach will host a two-day event in Miami on April 4 and 5 to introduce Water is Everything, our commitment to fighting the crises facing our seas... Read more

Join us in the fight against plastic pollution

Join Us in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution »

Everything But Water is committed to fighting the crisis of plastic pollution in the ocean. Watch our video montage on the issue, which we hope will inspire change... Read more

Kate Davis

Meet Jewelry Designer Kate Davis »

Kate Davis's jewelry line is inspired by the Charleston, South Carolina-based designer's deep love of the ocean. In celebration of her special collaboration with Everything But Water for our Water is Everything initiative, we asked about her passion for the sea, how nature fits into her life and what the cause means to her... Read more



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